Where to buy Breeze Disposables


Toes in the sand, wind in your hair, and the first hit from a brand new vape pen are some of the best feelings in the world.  

With advances in vaping technology, it’s now easier than ever to get that first-hit feeling every time you vape. 

If you’re looking for the most convenient and exciting disposable vaping device, consider the Breeze disposable vape pen. This state-of-the-art nicotine vape offers an incredible bang for your buck and can be found almost anywhere.

Learn where you can buy Breeze disposables. Discover your new favorite vaping device!

Where to Buy Breeze Disposables 

Puff-bars, e-cigarettes, and e-vaporizers, also known as vapes, are rapidly becoming popular. Disposable vape pens are safe and much better for your health than traditional smoking. As more people make the switch to nicotine vapes, these devices are becoming more accessible nationwide.

To assure their quality and safety, you can currently only find Breeze disposables at authorized retailers. Don’t worry; chances are there is an authorized retailer closer to you than you might think!

Authorized Retailers

There are several authorized sellers of Breeze devices across the United States. You may be able to find Breeze disposables at your local gas station, convenience store, or grocery store. Most authorized sellers are smoke shops or vape retailers. 

It’s important to only buy Breeze disposables from authorized sellers. If a price or promise seems too good to be true, follow your gut! Make sure you’re buying a legitimate product. 

There are many devices on the black market that mimic Breeze disposables. These devices are of lesser potency and quality; they can actually be unsafe to use. 

Joost Vapor

If you’re looking for a fantastic vaping experience, look no further than Joost Vapor. Joost Vapor isn’t just your average vape shop. We’re Michigan’s largest independent vape retailer providing a wide selection of vapes, e-juice, disposables, and more! 

Breeze currently offers two types of vapes: the Breeze Plus and Breeze Pro. You can find both Breeze models and more at your nearby Joost Vapor

You can also purchase your Breeze disposables through quick and easy curbside pickup. To place an order, simply call your favorite Joost Vapor location, pay and pick up in person, and get back to breathing easy.

To learn more, visit us at one of our store locations or give us a call. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect Breeze disposable vape!

Authenticating Your Breeze Vapes 

Because Breeze vapes are so incredible, many black-market dealers have tried to copy this product. You should only ever purchase Breeze vapes from an authorized seller.

Fake products cannot be guaranteed for their contents and may be unsafe for use. All legitimate Breeze vapes will come in a clear plastic case. Each case has a reflective sticker on the back of the box.

To authenticate your Breeze disposable, shine a light from a flashlight or cell phone onto the sticker. If you see two holographic “B’s” on the sticker, you’ve got a genuine Breeze disposable!

How Much do Breeze Disposables Cost?

Vaping is a highly affordable alternative to smoking. According to Ruthless Vapor, switching to a nicotine vape can save you up to 92%! Of course, your savings may vary based on the vape pen price.

Luckily, Breeze disposables are very affordable vaping devices. You can easily find Breeze vapes for less than $15.00. It’s easy to see how using Breeze vapes saves money when you consider how long this device can last.

You can save even more money on Breeze disposables when you sign up for Joost Vapor’s Gold Club! Members will be the first to know about our exclusive offers and promotions. 

The Breeze Disposable Difference

Breeze disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use. The Breeze pro is a slightly larger model than the Breeze plus. It features a 1,000mAh battery that delivers about 2,000 consistent puffs. 

The Breeze plus is roughly the size of a ballpoint pen, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It uses a 650mAh battery and delivers about 800 consistently smooth puffs.

The Breeze pro and Breeze plus each contain 5% tobacco-free nicotine. The Breeze plus is also offered in a nicotine-free formula. 

Breeze vaporizer liquids are designed to be portable and convenient. Unlike some other vapes, you’ll never need to recharge or refill your Breeze disposable. They’re also surprisingly consistent and reliable for their price point!

The best part about both Breeze devices: they’re completely disposable. No more messy e-juice refills or coil replacements. When your Breeze vape runs out, you can simply toss it out and pick up a new one. 

With over 25 flavors to choose from, you’ll never get bored with your Breeze vapes. Breeze offers all sorts of flavors, from classic tobacco to grape soda to pumpkin spice. Replacing your Breeze is the perfect chance to try a new flavor!

Life is a Breeze

Breeze disposables are the future of vaping as we know it. You can’t go wrong with a vape this consistently smooth, easy to use, and deliciously flavored. 

Now that you know how easy it is to purchase Breeze disposables, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest authorized retailer or your favorite Joost Vapor location to give this amazing new product a try. 

Do you have more questions or need recommendations? Joost Vapor is your expert guide. Visit us in-store or contact us today to get started!