How to Use Breeze Disposable Vapes: An Overview


Have you heard of the latest and greatest disposable vapes? Breeze disposables are the hottest new trend in vaping. But how do you use one?

This article will show you how to use your Breeze disposable vapes and other information about your favorite new puff bar. Let’s dive into the delicious world of Breeze vapes! 

How to Use Breeze Disposable Vapes

Whether you’re thinking about picking up a Breeze vape, you’ve already purchased one, or you’ve seen a friend using one, you may be wondering: how does this thing work? 

Don’t stress. Follow these handy steps, and you’ll be Breezing easy in no time.

1. Open the Box

Breeze disposables come in a clear plastic case. All Breeze vapes have a reflective sticker on the back of the box for authentication. To authenticate your vape, shine a light (like a phone flashlight) onto the reflective sticker. Two holographic “B’s” will appear!

There are two models of Breeze vapes currently available: the Breeze Pro and Breeze Plus. The Breeze Pro is a slightly larger model than the Breeze Plus, but both devices work in the same way. 

Simply slide the label off and pop open the back of the case to retrieve your device! Your Breeze disposable vape is fully charged and ready to use immediately after purchase.

2. Remove the Protective Covers

Small plastic covers protect the mouthpiece and bottom end of your Breeze vape. Pop off the cover on the mouthpiece and peel back the rubber sticker from the bottom of the device before using it.

3. Hold the Breeze Vape to Your Lips

Breeze vapes feature a black mouthpiece and cylindrical body. They work in the same way as other puff bars. Place the black mouthpiece end of the Breeze between your lips and form a tight seal around the device.

4. Inhale

You do not need to turn the device on, hold any buttons, or adjust the airflow. Pull air into your lungs through the device, similar to how you would use a straw. You should immediately begin to taste the delicious vapor flavor!

5. Exhale and Repeat

Hold your breath for a couple of seconds before slowly exhaling. Breeze vapes release a cloud of potent vapor. Most people are able to feel the relaxing effects of the nicotine vapor within seconds.

The dense cloud of vapor makes Breeze devices perfect for performing vape cloud tricks or simply enjoying the relaxing effects of a puff bar. 

Repeat the process of inhaling and exhaling to your heart’s content. It’s that easy! You’ve mastered using your Breeze disposable vape. 

How It Works

Puff bars, also known as vaporizers, e-cigarettes, or e-vaporizers, are the newest technology in nicotine devices. Most are about the size of a thumb drive or ballpoint pen. Breeze disposables are one of the most popular vape brands available today. 

Vaporizer liquids are made with nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, added flavors, and other chemicals that improve the vaping experience.

Breeze disposables are designed with a medical-grade cotton pad, high-quality battery, and liquid holding tank. The cotton absorbs liquid from the e-liquid holding tank. When the device is used, the powerful battery heats the nicotine liquid.

The heating process evaporates the liquid, allowing the user to inhale the resulting vapor. That’s the gist of it. If you’re still curious, Granite Vapor’s article on puff bars can give you a more detailed scientific explanation!

Disposable vapes can typically be purchased in varying nicotine strength and flavors, depending on the user’s preference. They are a smart, discreet, and convenient means of consuming nicotine. When the device runs out of liquid, it can simply be thrown away and replaced.

How Long Do Breeze Vapes Last?

Breeze disposable vapes are currently available in two different models, the Breeze Plus and Breeze Pro. Unlike some other puff bars, you should never need to recharge your Breeze device. 

Breeze Plus vapes are the smaller of the two. While still maintaining a sleek and convenient size, their battery capacity is 650mAh. Breeze Plus vapes are rated at about 800 consistent puffs per device. 

The Breeze Pro is slightly larger and therefore accommodates a slightly larger battery. The battery capacity of the Breeze Pro is 1000mAh. You can expect the Breeze Pro to deliver 2,000 consistently smooth puffs. 

Can You Refill Breeze Vapes?

No, you should not attempt to refill Breeze disposable vapes. These devices are intended for single use. Tampering with the device and liquid storage can result in problems using the vape and potential injury to the user.

This might seem inconvenient to some, but the disposable nature of Breeze vapes makes them a solid choice for puff bars. You won’t need to worry about recharging or refilling your device if it runs out. 

Some vaporizers require frequent and pricey hardware replacements. If you should lose your Breeze vape, you won’t be losing the expensive investment of a traditional vaporizer. 

Nicotine Content of Breeze Vapes

Both the Breeze Plus and the Breeze Pro contain 5% tobacco-free nicotine. The Breeze Plus model uses a salt e-liquid that seems to last forever. The Breeze Pro uses tobacco-free nicotine oil (TFN), providing a clean hit and mild feel in the throat. 

Breeze disposable vapes are also offered in a 0% nicotine option. This is a great choice for people who want to enjoy the flavor and sensation of a puff bar without the effects of nicotine. Keep in mind that although they contain no nicotine, legal age limits still apply to purchase Breeze nicotine-free devices. 

Are CBD Breeze Vapes Available? 

At this time, the Breeze disposable vapes are only available in concentrations of 5% nicotine and nicotine-free options. 

CBD disposable vapes are still a relatively new creation in the vaping market. CBD is still a misunderstood product in many cases and will require more research before hitting mainstream markets. In the future, it is possible that Breeze will expand into CBD offerings. 

The Many Flavors of Breeze Disposables

One of the most remarkable traits of Breeze vapes is their huge flavor selection! Fans of Breeze disposables will attest to the amazing options and complex notes in each flavor.

Breeze’s disposable vape flavors are strong, smooth, and bold for an experience your taste buds will never forget. From sweet strawberry banana to savory pumpkin spice, you’re sure to find a flavor you’ll love. 

Breeze Pro Flavors

The larger model Breeze Pro vapes have an extensive flavor selection! Take one look at this list, and we think you’ll agree. 

  • Añejo
  • Banana mint
  • Blue raspberry
  • Blueberry banana
  • Blueberry mint
  • Bubble gum freeze
  • Cherry cola
  • Cherry lemon
  • Grape soda
  • Gum mint
  • Lemon mint
  • Lush ice
  • Mint
  • Orange mango watermelon
  • Pina colada
  • Pom-berry mint
  • Pumpkin spice 
  • Raspberry lemon
  • Strawberry cream
  • Strawberry peach mint
  • Vanilla tobacco

Breeze Plus (5%) Flavors

Don’t worry, Breeze didn’t leave out the smaller devices. All of these flavors are available in the compact Breeze Plus model. 

  • Berry mint
  • Blueberry mint
  • Lemon mint
  • Lychee mint
  • Passion fruit orange guava
  • Peach mango
  • Peach soda
  • Pineapple lemonade
  • Strawberry banana
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Tobacco

Breeze Plus (0%) Flavors

Even if you don’t enjoy nicotine, you’re sure to enjoy one of these vapor flavors, perfect for a calorie-free treat. Breeze still offers an excellent selection of flavors for those looking for a nicotine-free experience!

  • Blueberry lemon
  • Blueberry mint
  • Cherry lemon
  • Lemon mint
  • Mint
  • Peach mango
  • Pink lemonade
  • Strawberry cream
  • Strawberry mint
  • Watermelon mint

For those more interested in the classics, Breeze intentionally offers tobacco-like and minty flavors. Minty options will give you the classic menthol chill that you love. For a full list of available flavors, check out The Puff Blog’s post.  

Where to Buy Breeze Vapes

Breeze vapes are available in grocery and convenience stores across the United States. You can also purchase them with us, right here at Joost Vapor! 

We’re Michigan’s largest independent vape retailer with several shop locations across the state. We offer wholesale products, disposable vapes, e-liquids, and more!

We’re happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you take home the best products. We even offer easy curbside pickup. Give us a call or come visit us today to find your new favorite Breeze disposable!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never used Breeze disposable vapes, or you are new to the world of puff bars, we hope that this article provided you with some clarity! Now that you know how to use your Breeze disposables, are you ready to take the plunge into a world of vapor flavors? 

You can find more information and browse our selection of Breeze vapes and other vape brands by visiting us in-store or reaching out to us online!