Juno – Twelve Signature Pods



Product Description

Juno – Twelve Signature Pods

Aries – Pretzel Topped with Graham Cracker

Taurus – Signature Sweet Tobacco blend

Gemini – Strawberry Orange Kiwi

Cancer – Black Currant Pineapple Cream W/Fig

Leo – Fiery Cinnamon with a refreshingly cool finish

Virgo – Minty Cantaloupe Berry Melon

Libra – Mango

Scorpio – Lemon Peach Pineapple Papaya

Sagittarius – Creamy Pina Colada

Capricorn – Pixie Strawberry Breeze

Aquarius – Signature Tiramisu

Pisces – Strawberry Watermelon


Nicotine Strength: 36mg


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