announcement regarding michigan flavor ban

We commend the Governor’s focus of combating the underage vaping issue. Instead of initiating emergency powers that are bound to have drastic effects to many employees statewide and thousands of consumers, it would be more effective to work in a collaborative effort with our elected officials and industry leaders to combat the actual causes and offenders leading to underage nicotine use. At Joost Vapor, we have always chosen to have a very proactive and pro-regulation attitude regarding alternative nicotine products. We understand that the use of our products by underage individuals is unacceptable and have gone to great lengths to combat this. Joost Vapor has made reliable and effective policies and has already collaborated with our elected officials to help combat this issue. We offer to do so with the Governor to come up with common-sense, effective regulation that does not punish the consumers and employees of an entire industry.

– Joost Vapor Leadership

Joost Vapor would be happy to assist the media regarding the recent news about Governor Whitmer’s flavor ban. Store employees are not able to assist with this.

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