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33 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Bill says:

    Joost is the best in the business! Their menthol has a real kick to it and you won’t have to vaporize much to get your nic fix.

  2. sickmanandsickwoman says:

    my sample packs (desert/signature) arrived yesterday.
    ive never enjoyed EVERY single flavor as i have with my Joost juice !
    im simply amazed with the flavors .
    im very picky about my juice and im telling you this is the BEST ive had to date.i have been vaping for one year and have had many juices from other vendors .i vape appx 5/6 ml a day.give me MORE !!!

      • Colleen says:

        They made it right times 2, I’ve been a faithful customer ever since! Joost handled the small error quickly and sent some free juices to- boot, they have a lifetime customer in me now! Plus their juices are out of this world! Joost Rocks!! 😀

  3. nettiebellie says:

    Love Joost Vapor, great place, great people!!! Now if I can’t get out to get my juice this winter, it will come to me:) AWESOME!!!

  4. paulilpn1959 says:

    I just ordered juices online, and need to correct the PG/VG ratios. I couldn’t find the “comments” part on the order form! Anyway, I need all the juices I’ve ordered to be 50/50, I hope I’m not too late! Pauline F Palmer Houston, TX

  5. kari says:

    I forgot to say in my above comment, joost is the BEST liquid I have found to date out of 6 (I counted them) companies, they have good customer service, great tasting products and a good variety of unusual flavors as well as the standard flavors, I highly recommend them, I will be buying all my liquid and the accessories they have from them and NOBODY else!

  6. Peter says:

    I would like to know if all of your juice is now free of all of the “questionable'” ingredients. You might even want to consider posting this information in your ‘About Us’ section . Thank you.

  7. T says:

    I ordered 1.8 ohm Aspire BVC coils a while back. Opened the pack today and after popping in a coil realized something wasnt right. For some reason i was sent Aspire BDC coils. Not only that, but they were 1.6 ohm.

  8. trevor says:

    Very unsatisfied with the management of joost, I went there at 4:50 and they tell me that they can no longer make sales because they CANT turn on the IPad register due to them closing at 5, I still had 10 minutes until closing, so I just wasted my time and gas because they are unprofessional and prepare to close 10 minutes early .

  9. Pat Vander Ploeg says:

    Must have been the same one I wen to Trevor,,,spent almost 60 bucks the other day and bought some coils, they were the wrong kind which I did not notice til I went to change them…. even though the manager remembered he would not refund or trade the correct one., To much drama, to much arguing… The guys in that store are the worst… I think they just like to sit around and make clouds instead of waiting on people, When I complained he said he was the manager and said ” I will get my district manager on the phone” I told him to keep them bought the correct ones and left telling him I would not be back… All the girls in the store are nice but the boys seem to have an attitude…… You know what its just some oily liquid I used to quit smoking…….. I do not have time to argue or use their terminology….. I work at a fortune 500 company and have a bs in computer science If they worked for me with that attitude they would all be fired. Not sure why you need four people in the store none of them know what the stock is even pathetic.

  10. Barbara says:

    Marshmallow is out of this world! And the cake batter is spot on! I love the flavors . I also ordered mod fuel which I found them at the Pa. Vape convention. I love Thorad. It tastes just like butter and cinnamon that you would put on your pancakes. And the watermelon taste is flaaavorrrrful. It doesn’t linger in your cotton when your done. Apollo is so rich and smooth you won’t get enough of it. Life is sweet!

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