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About Joost Vapor


Joost Vapor handcrafts premium e-liquids right here in West Michigan, and offers competitive pricing on e-liquids, electronic cigarette starter-kits, tanks, mods, batteries, rebuildables, and more. Joost Vapor provides Grand Rapids with premium vapor for those who live a premium lifestyle. We strive to bring you the best customer service in the industry and maintain a stock of a wide variety of devices and liquids. Come visit any of our locations and experience our legendary Joost Vapor Taste Wall today!

Joost Vapor Locations

Joost Vapor is based in West Michigan and expanding throughout the state. Stay tuned for upcoming stores in your area!


5 stars – based on 250 reviews
3901 Chicago Dr. SW
Grandville, MI 49418
(616) 439-1243
Looking for a manager? Ask for Kendall or Beck.

Comstock Park

5 stars – based on 250 reviews
4640 West River Dr
Comstock Park, MI 49321
(616) 951-4870
Looking for a manager? Ask for Jenna or Leslie.

Grand Rapids (Fuller & Leonard)

5 stars – based on 250 reviews
1215 Fuller Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(616) 987-0623

Looking for a manager? Ask for Nicholas or Yoda.

Grand Rapids (Kalamazoo & 68th)

6750 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
(616) 259-5023

Looking for a manager? Ask for Brian or Cody.

Grand Haven (N. Beacon & Jackson)

592 N Beacon Blvd
Grand Haven, MI 49417
(616) 951-1668

Looking for a manager? Ask for Ben or Trevor.

Holland (W. Shore Dr)

3006 W Shore Dr, Ste 30
Holland, Michigan
(616) 666-6369
Looking for a manger? Ask for Billy or Brandon.

Hastings (W M43 Highway)

1450 W M 43 HWY STE 3
Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 818-0400
Looking for a manager? Ask for Jon or Kai.

Standale (Lake Michigan Dr)

4515 Lake Michigan Dr
Grand Rapids, 49534
(616) 855-2929
Looking for a manager? Ask for Jasmine or Jordan.

Benton Harbor

2061 M 139 STE C
Benton Harbor, 49022
Looking for a manager? Ask for Steven or Tony.

Grand Rapids – Alpine

2200 Alpine Ave NW,
Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States



Hours of Operation:

Monday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Tuesday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Wednesday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Thursday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Friday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday – 12:00pm – 5:00pm


If you have any comments or concerns, you can contact our customer service line at: 616-888-0360 or e-mail us at comments@joostmail.co


46 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jason Finney says:

    Joost is more committed to customer service and support than any other company I have ever seen, in any industry. Thank you for everything you do for the vaping community!!

  2. questoke says:

    The giveaways you guys do really help the Vaping community and those who wish to quit smoking a great deal.

    Thank you!

  3. Ryan POELMAN says:


  4. Matt Friend says:

    I’ve been pretty satisfied overall. I had some issues with leaky tanks/coils, they fixed me up and gave me ideas how to fix the issue. I had a battery charging issue, we were unsure of it was the battery itself or the charger. They gave me another charger and told me to try it out and report back. Well the charger was the issue. I just never reported back…. Busy (lazy) you know!

  5. christen hickey says:

    You guys are awesome! Best customer servicr of any vape shop in town, all your hard work is definately appreciated 🙂

  6. frank palmer says:

    hey there great website awesome deals deff. will have to give this a shout out in a future youtube video on my youtube channel or maybe if you guys are interested you could send something for review

  7. stephen says:

    Love the juice you guy’s make, It’s awesome!!!!!! Great flavors.
    The site is super easy to navigate, maybe could use a lil more
    on the looks/UI of the site, But Great site all in all 🙂

    A Happy customer 🙂

  8. Deb says:

    I’ve been vaping for a few months after being a veteran smoker. I’m so glad I found you guys, service is awesome and so are your flavors! Very satisfied customer

  9. Tony says:

    Just got my first of many orders from you love the flavors that i have tried so far i do have a question your 68/32 mix is that all you offer or can i order a 50/50 ? or other combos??

      • werwin1036 says:

        cool the 68/32 on your signature juice is a bit hard on the throat hit for me can you recommend a way to tame it down a bit for the juices i already ordered? also if i would reorder the flavors i got with a 50/50 and lower nicotine and mix it think that would cut it enough? thank you you guys ROCK!!

        • josh121 says:

          Yes you can request your desired PG/VG Ratio in the comments section of your order. In regards to taming down your current juice, you could always try mixing in a juice with a lower level of nicotine. Hope this helps!

  10. JC says:

    Why aren’t your stores open on Sundays? Seriously people I don’t know how I can visit your Vaporiums if you don’t even unlock your doors on the only day I could get there.
    Is there a law or something that won’t let you sell mods on Sundays?

  11. nicoleseif says:

    I just bought e-juices online to have them shipped to my house and I would like to know how that should take. Thanks! Oh and I looooove joost vapor!!

  12. Carrie says:

    I would suggest adding more flavors to your line. The local store where I live has over 400 flavors and also the make your own flavor as well. In just 1 year they have expanded by quite a lot. Can’t wait for my order to arrive and try them out firsthand!

  13. Joe says:

    Hi just stopped in to the new Hastings location guess today was the first day open. Would just like to say it was a very good experience, staff was very helpful and informative. Made up the juice I ordered in just minutes and tasted good ….nice job. I will definitely be returning since I live only about 20 minutes from the store. Thanks again keep up the good work

  14. adafire45 says:

    I go to the Fuller store. Jason(Yoda) has the best knowledge about Vaping. The Fuller store has the best customer service. A+++++++ In my books:) Best Vape store in GR!!!

  15. Cloud_Meister says:

    How about a location on the east side of the state? We literally don’t have any in house juice makers over here worth stopping at!

      • Steve says:

        They are an absolutely amazing vape shop too! I have been going there for their (your) juices for a couple months now. Tropical paradise and Michigans finest are both excellent! Any other flavor suggestions? BTW, I am looking for a really good coffee flavor like Phillip Rocke’s “Grand Reserve, creme de le creme” thats always available when I need it. Anything like that?

  16. Krystal and Michael Travis says:

    We met this team at Vape Blast in Dallas, Tx last week. The juice was delicious and the group working the booth were awesome. We met Nicholas and instantly became buds. Vape on Folks!!!

  17. Angie D Fansler says:

    ***REDSTONE*** My sister-in-law called one of your locations from NC yesterday inquiring about your Brand New Mod Fuel Line of E-Liquids and was told you should have that available within a week or two at the most! I want to be the FIRST person to order SEVERAL 30ml bottles of REDSTONE (Watermelon) as I have already made it my #1 favorite ejuice over another juice I have been vaping on since I started vaping on October 24, 2014. I WAS a 3+ pack per day smoker and without any effort on my part (I just wanted to cut back due to money reasons), I am proud to say that 5 days short of exactly 2 months, I was and am officially a NON-SMOKER!!! March 19, 2015 was my 3 month date as a Non-Smoker! Woo Hoo!!! Now, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me how to be the very first person on your list when you make the new Mod Fuel line available….I am chomping at the bit to order!!! LOL ~Angie~ PS: We met several of your AWESOME Joost employees at your vendor booth at VaperSlam (3/20/15) in Winston-Salem, NC, so I need to order more ASAP!!! Please help and Thank you in advance!

  18. Angie D Fansler says:

    Is Joost Vapor going to be at the same location in Winston-Salem, NC, September 4-6th for the VaperMania XI???

  19. breanadibble says:

    You’s should expand to New York preferable buffalo area. I’m hooked on your juices as well and so is my best friend who’s always worked for a vape shop. I’d love to come into a store instead of ordering online.

  20. Katrina says:

    Hi, how do I get in contact with a distric manager or someone who can help me with a faulty product. The store won’t help me and I’m really upset about my experience.


  21. Melissa says:

    I ordered some e-liquid from you and I was sent a sample of “Amore” and I love it, but I can’t find it on your website. Is it going to be available to purchase online?

    • Zack Feenstra says:

      We are in process of organizing a website update to include all of our newest flavors, but until that process is complete you may order off-menu flavors by simply ordering any of our e-liquids, and then putting in the comments “substitute Amore for Blue Venom” or something similar!

  22. Lisa says:

    First time buyer and I am absolutely happy with my order. I order three 30mil bottles and the flavors are OUTSTANDING. I even got a free bottle! I’ll be using Joost instead of my local store from now on. Was a little worried about ordering through the mail but couldn’t be happier! Just wish there was one in NC =)

  23. lisavanaulen says:

    Just ordered another eight 30mil bottles and can’t wait to get them! Love the ease of the website and ordering, makes life a lot easier. Thanks for all you do!

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