What Are the Best Brands for Wholesale Smoke Shop Supplies?

wholesale smoke shop supplies

Running your own smoke shop takes a lot of time and energy, but it’s worth it in the long run. You care about the quality of your products and how your customers might appreciate them. That’s why you’re only interested in the best smoke shop supplies for your store. 

Effective inventory management can make or break the profitability of any business. If you’re constantly running out of products or don’t have high-quality products in the first place, customers will notice. 

Instead, ensure you only offer the most trustworthy smoke and vape brands at your store. Doing so will ensure your business stands out compared to any local smoke shop competition. After all, the smoking accessories market is a vast one, generating over $64 billion in 2021 alone. 

For the best brands of smoke shop supplies, you’ve come to the right article. Keep reading to learn how you should stock your store’s inventory to attract and maintain loyal customers. 

Why Proper Inventory Management Is So Important

Before we dive into the best smoke shop brands on the current market, let’s talk about why this matters. Even expert business leaders recognize the value of inventory management within any industry. 

Not only does that mean you should get the most popular and reliable brands for your store. In addition, keeping those brands fully stocked at all times is the only way to satisfy customers.

This is even truer for loyal customers who absolutely love a brand that you carry. When you have poor inventory management and run out of a product, you run the risk of losing that valuable repeat customer. (You also lose a potential sale, costing the business money.)

Instead, take some time to develop an effective inventory management strategy. This might be done better if you collaborate directly with your wholesale supplier. They could have better insight as to what current smoke shop supply trends are successful in satisfying customers. 

It’s also worth noting that your employees will be grateful for effective inventory management, too. Their jobs are easier when the shop is fully stocked with the best brand names in the industry. Then, they’re free to simply focus on selling top-quality products to customers. 

Best Buds Is Well-Known for Its Smoking Accessories

If you’re looking at smoking accessories in any smoke shop, you’ll likely see Best Buds featured on the shelves. This company has made a significant name for itself with its hip, quirky, ad colorful design style.

The great thing about this brand of smoke shop supplies is that they have a lot of variety that your customers will appreciate. They have everything a consumer might need for their smoking habits: rolling trays, ashtrays, etc. It might even take some real effort to narrow down which of their products you can actually offer. 

All of their products are high-quality and known for lasting a long time. Plus, each item is usually available in a multitude of colors that your customers will love getting to sort through. Do some quick research online to see what Best Buds products are popular right now. 

Consider HYVE Disposables for Your Store’s Inventory

HYVE has cultivated a positive reputation for its brand name when it comes to disposable vapes. Their packaging is always super colorful and easily attracts the attention of smoke shop customers. HYVE also offers a lot of delicious flavors that regular consumers keep coming back for. 

HYVE disposable vapes typically promise between 2,500 and 4,000 puffs for each unit. Consumers who love this brand also tend to buy more than one at a time, which is great for your store’s profits. Work with your wholesale provider to ensure that your smoke shop never runs out of these eye-catching, popular disposable vapes. 

Joost Vapor Is an Ideal Choice for Vape Cartridges

Not every customer of yours is going to want a disposable vape. Some might like their device and simply want to refill it with their favorite flavor when the cartridge is empty. 

If you haven’t tried offering Joost Vapors at your store, you’re missing out. These highly desired vapor products fly off of the shelves. 

RAW Rolling Papers

Anyone who’s ever been in a smoke shop has likely seen a display of RAW rolling papers. They’ve definitely cornered this market.

You absolutely need to be able to offer this brand to any hand-rolling customers you may have. The papers are durable but malleable. They’ve made such a well-known name for themselves for a reason. 

Work with a Reputable Wholesale Supplier

When you’re deciding on what brands to carry for your smoke shop, it’s also essential that you only purchase products from a wholesale supplier you can trust. With the industry continuing to grow in popularity throughout the country, a lot of businesses are trying to cash in. They’ll sell anything to smoke shops like yours for a quick buck. 

Be sure to research your wholesale supplier before purchasing anything. If there are online testimonials, for instance, they would be worth checking out ahead of time. 

Also, be willing to reach out to your wholesale supplier with any questions about their products. For instance, do they have both refillable and disposable vapes for you to stock up on? This would be a good chance for you to talk about their costs, too.

Their knowledge and expertise should provide key insight as to what products you should sell at your smoke shop. Plus, knowing everything you can about the brands you’ll be offering customers is just smart business. 

Invest in High-Quality Smoke Shop Supplies Today

Your store needs an effective inventory strategy to keep customers happy. That means the brands of smoke shop supplies that you invest in need to be reputable ones. 

Fortunately, we can help with that. We strive to keep smoke shops as yours supplied with all of the trendiest and most reliable products of the day. 

If you’re curious about how we can upgrade your store’s inventory, we encourage you to check out what brands we work with. In addition, stay in the know by following our blog, all about the latest news in the industry.