Best Tobacco Brands for Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

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Are you looking to switch from pre-rolled cigarettes to hand-rolled ones? If so, you’ll want to ensure you choose the highest-quality tobacco brands to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. 

This article will give you the scoop on which brands of loose tobacco are best. But first, let’s explore why you might want to start hand-rolling your cigarettes.

Why Roll Your Own Cigarettes?

Before we reveal the best tobacco brands for rolling cigarettes, let’s take a moment to answer the question, “Why would you want to roll your own cigarettes?” After all, you can easily pick up a pack or carton of pre-rolled cigarettes instead.

But rolling cigarettes offers several advantages over buying pre-rolled ones. For example, rolling cigarettes is:

  • More affordable than buying pre-rolled cigarettes, and
  • An opportunity to customize your smokes

Let’s briefly touch on these benefits.

Hand-Rolled Cigarettes Can Be More Affordable

Depending on the brand and the supplier, a pack of pre-rolled cigarettes can cost anywhere between $4 and $15. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, the money you spend on pre-rolled cigarettes can quickly add up.

But when you choose to hand-roll your smokes, you can potentially spend less to enjoy the same amount of tobacco. While hand-rolling does require an initial investment that costs more than a single pack of cigarettes, the long-term costs are generally lower.

Besides, you can customize your hand-rolled cigarettes by mixing different types of tobacco, making them as fat or thin as you’d like, and adding herbal tobacco alternatives (if you’re thinking of quitting).

You Can Customize Hand-Rolled Cigarettes

Store-bought cigarettes generally only come in one size and amount, and there are only a handful of flavors and styles from which to choose. When you hand-roll your own cigarettes, you’re in full control of the size of your smokes, how they taste, and what’s inside them.

That level of control just isn’t possible with pre-rolled cigarettes.

And if you’re thinking of switching from cigarettes to a vape or e-cig, controlling the amount of tobacco in each cigarette is a great way to reduce your nicotine intake and prepare for the switch. Making the switch might also lead to other positive lifestyle changes, so opting to hand-roll your smokes could be the first step toward a healthier life.

Best Tobacco Brands for Hand-Rolled Cigarettes

Are you ready to start hand-rolling? To start, you’ll need to select a brand of loose tobacco. 

The best of these brands include:

  • Gambler
  • Largo
  • Natural American Spirit
  • Bugler

Let’s take a quick look at each one to help you discover one that works for you.


Gambler Pipe Tobacco is one of the best tobaccos for both hand-rolled cigarettes and pipe smokers. Gambler pouches come in an impressive array of varieties, ensuring that you’ll find a type that suits your tastes.

For example, you can choose from:

  • Regular
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Turkish
  • Menthol

This brand also sells filter tubes, so you can double up on your Gambler tobacco products for a truly satisfying experience.


Largo tobacco pouches are typically about the same price and quality as Gambler pouches, but the taste is a bit bolder. So, if you find other varieties a little too weak for your tastes, you might want to try Largo.

Varieties include:

  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Sun Grown
  • Menthol
  • Gold

As you can see, there are quite a few different types of Largo loose tobaccos to try. Buying a pouch of each is one of the best ways to discover a new favorite.

Natural American Spirit

Without a doubt, Natural American Spirit tobacco is the highest-quality option.

This tobacco is organic and free of additives, so you won’t be inhaling pesticides with each draw. While this brand is a little pricier than others, it’s hard to find loose tobacco of similar quality.

There are also quite a few Natural American Spirit loose tobacco varieties from which to choose, including:

  • Light Blue Original Blend
  • Organic Original
  • Perique Blend

You can also choose the Roll-Your-Own pouch or canister, both of which come with rolling papers!


When searching for the best loose tobacco for hand-rolled cigarettes, it’s often best to choose a well-established brand. Bugler has been selling high-quality tobacco since the 1930s, making it one of North America’s most popular and trusted tobacco brands.

Bugler loose tobacco is also a straightforward choice, with only three varieties from which to choose:

  • Original (Turkish & Blended)
  • Gold (Turkish & American Blend)
  • Menthol

If you enjoy menthol cigarettes, Bugler could be the best choice.

Rolling Cigarettes: Additional Items

Though loose tobacco is a crucial component of hand-rolled cigarettes, it’s not the only thing you’ll need to get started. So, while you’re browsing the best smoke shop products, be sure to pick up the following:

  • Rolling papers (or pre-rolled tubes)
  • Filters
  • A rolling machine (optional)

Pre-rolled cigarette tubes are the most convenient choice for novice rollers, as you don’t need to buy papers and filters separately. Filling pre-rolled tubes is also a straightforward process that doesn’t require skill, a rolling machine, or a ton of time.

That said, tubes can be on the pricier side. They also don’t offer the opportunity to learn how to roll cigarettes. As such, investing in papers, filters, and a rolling machine could be the better long-term option.

If you’re unsure which brands are best for these items, the helpful staff at Joost Vapor can help.

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