How to Choose the Best Vape for Your Needs

best vape

In 2006, a group of innovators wanted to give smokers a healthier way to enjoy their nicotine fix. As a result, the vape pen was born. Since then, vaping has stormed the market, and you want to catch that wave.

For someone new to vaping, however, it’s hard to know where to start. But you want to find the best vape—and you want it now! The good news is you’re in the right place.

If you want to make sure your new vape is the right one for your needs, then read on as we break down everything you need to know! We’ll go over some of the different types available and what features make each one unique so you can find something perfect for you.

Different Types of Vapes

Vape devices are as diverse as the people who use them. A lot of these devices are for specific use cases; some are for medical purposes, while others are purely for recreational use. Here’s a breakdown of the 3 common vapes you’ll see in stores so you can find the right one for you:

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are the simplest, most convenient option for those who just want to take a puff and be done with it. They’re great for beginners or anyone who prefers to not spend a lot of time fussing with their vape setup.

Disposables come in an array of flavors and often have pre-filled cartridges. However, there are models with cartridges that you can refill.

These vape pens are one of the more affordable options, costing $10-$50 each depending on how many puffs it provides. If you’re looking for something portable that won’t break the bank, disposable vapes fit that bill nicely!

Pod Vape Device

A pod vape is another simple way to get into vaping. It has a battery, an e-liquid tank, and a mouthpiece all built into one simple unit. When you inhale, the battery powers the coil in the pod that heats up and vaporizes your juice.

Pod vapes are for nicotine salts—a type of nicotine that’s more potent than traditional e-cigarette options. They’re small and lightweight, which makes them great for carrying around with you during the day.

Box Mod Vapes

When you’re in the market for a new vape, most enthusiasts will suggest a box mod. Box mods are the most customizable type of vape. They’re usually rectangular and have a battery you can replace once it dies.

You can also swap out different atomizers and clearomizers (the “tank” part of your vape) to find the perfect setup for you. Box mod vapes let you adjust voltage, wattage, and temperature settings so that you can get the most out of each hit—and even save money on your vape cartridges because you won’t need as much juice!

How to Choose the Best Vape

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of vaping over smoking cigarettes: it’s less harmful, it doesn’t leave behind a lingering smell, and you can do it almost anywhere. But before you inhale vaporized nicotine, you need to consider your needs and lifestyle. When choosing your ideal vape pen or mod, consider:

Battery Power

You want to be sure that you have enough battery life to last through the day and charge quickly so you’re not stuck waiting on a dead battery when you need it most. Look for a vaporizer with multiple batteries and make sure they’re compatible with the charging system in your home.

The average number of puffs per battery varies depending on how much power the vape uses. More powerful vapes will drain more quickly.

Confirm that your vape pen has a battery indicator so you can see exactly how much power is left before having to charge it again. Additionally, look for a device with an automatic shut-off feature—the battery will last longer.

Cloud Size

If you want to get the biggest clouds, look for a vape that lets you change the size of the coils. Low-resistance coils make the biggest clouds.

Some vapes also have adjustable airflow that allows you to control how much air passes through as it heats the concentrate. More airflow means more clouds.

Some users prefer smaller clouds because they’re less noticeable in public places. If you’re looking for a vape that lets you dial down the amount of vapor in the air, stick with an adjustable airflow model.

Salt Nicotine Compatibility

Salt nicotine is a great option for smokers who want to transition to vaping, as it offers the same throat hit as traditional tobacco cigarettes. It’s also ideal for vapers who want a stronger hit than what freebase nicotine provides.

Salt nicotine e-liquid can usually be used with most electronic cigarettes. However, you should check the product description or manual to make sure that it’s compatible with your device.


If you’re looking for a vape pen, your first priority should be portability. The best vapes are small enough to fit in your hand and light enough to carry around with ease. If you want to smoke, but don’t enjoy being stared at and judged by others for doing so, you’ll need a small vape pen that won’t draw attention.

Make the Most of Your First Vaping Experience

If you want something that’s easy to carry around but still provides a satisfying hit, consider a disposable vape model. For those who value customization, a box mod may be more appropriate.

The best vape pen for you will be one that allows you to enjoy your e-juice without worrying about battery life. Also, choose your e-liquid carefully because high-quality juice is the key to a great vaping experience.

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