The Best Tobacco Shop in Western Michigan


Did you know that there are over 11,600 smoke shops across the US?  And this number is only set to grow!

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in as many as 19 US states to date, Michigan smokers can expect to see a major increase in retail locations catering to vape and tobacco users. 

But a booming tobacco industry means there will be lots of sketchy vendors who are looking to take advantage of the latest trend.  So how can you find a tobacco shop that you can trust?

If you’re a smoker or vaper in western Michigan looking for the greatest smoke shop around, your best bet is to go with an industry pro.  Lucky for you, Michigan’s favorite vape retailer is now expanding their reach to include all tobacco-related products. 

That’s right: over the next year, the popular, Michigan-based Joost Vapor will be rebranding all eleven of our retail locations.  You’ll soon see our shops proudly renamed Joost Tobacco. 

Read on to find out why we’re so excited about what Joost Tobacco will have to offer!

Who Is Joost Vapor Anyway?

Joost Vapor is more than a popular brand.  It’s Michigan’s largest independent vape retailer. We boast eleven vape shops dedicated to serving the smokers of western Michigan. We even have three stores in Grand Rapids alone.

Each of our stores stocks a large and varied collection of vape products.  We have one of the biggest selections in all of Michigan.  At our stores you can currently purchase:

  • e-liquids
  • e-cigarette starter kits
  • tanks
  • mods
  • batterues
  • rebuildable parts
But that’s not all!  As we make our transition to a full one-stop tobacco shop, you’ll soon be able to purchase items like
  • pipes
  • bubblers
  • dip
  • cigarettes
  • cigars

And pretty much everything else you could expect to find at a tobacco shop.

But while our inventory competes with franchise-level stores, we are proud to say that we are a loyal and local business.  In addition to our eleven shops, we manufacture our very own e-liquids right here in Michigan.

Locally Manufacturing a Safe Product

As members of the local community we serve, we take the safety of our customers very seriously.  Our signature line of premium e-liquids is made entirely in the U.S at state-of-the-art facilities.

Our manufacturing facilities are right here in Michigan and are comprised of ISO 6 clean rooms.  An ISO 6 clean room, also known as a class 1000 clean room, is an industry-standard structure built of soft or hard-sided walls.  These rooms are at the peak of air quality with cleanliness levels of 1,000 particles per cubic meter. 

Our facilities utilize HEPA filtration systems to ensure your products are made in clean and ethical laboratories.  The e-liquids we make there are the highest quality concentrates you’ll find in all of Michigan.

From Vape Shop to Tobacco Shop

Joost Vapor has brought you expert-crafted e-liquids since 2013 but we are excited to broaden our horizons.  In addition to our large selections of e-liquids and vape kits, we will be introducing an expanded inventory of tobacco products to satisfy every user. 

You’ll soon be able to come to Joost Tobacco for cigarettes, dip, pipe tobacco, and even cigars. We’re proud to offer cigars that have been expertly crafted and professionally stocked.  We’re looking forward to displaying our many cigar options in a newly built-in humidor.

The humidor will be a staple part of our display, custom-built to fit our locations.  It will be the perfect case to safely store our new inventory and ensure that each cigar is kept in perfect condition until the moment you light up. 

Expert Service and Guidance

New to the smoke and vape lifestyle?  Not to worry!  At Joost, we are proud of our expert customer service and our super knowledgeable team.  Every member of the Joost family is prepared to guide you through a personal and exciting shopping experience.

If you’re a total beginner, ask about our variety of disposable vapes.  These are one-time-use vaporizers that come pre-packed with a charged battery and a full pod.  These vaporizers cannot be refilled and are perfect for taking on the go.

If you are an e-cig pro, ask about our variety of refreshing flavors which come in a variety of nicotine levels.  Not sure which flavor to pick? We recommend Blue Venom, Midnight Berry, or Menthol. 

Whatever your experience level, our stores will have the perfect setup for your smoking needs.  Our staff will be 

The Prices You Deserve

Here at Joost we’re dedicated to giving you the best products at the best price.  All too often, vape and tobacco products are marked way over price and customers get taken advantage of.  That’s why Joost is committed to never over-price our products while still bringing you the highest quality you can get. 

If you’re a loyal customer who already knows what they want, you can buy our e-liquids online at a wholesale price. But don’t worry if you still need to go into one of our retail locations.  Our competitive prices only get better with our Joost Vapor Gold Club.

The Joost Vapor Gold Club is free to join and gets you great discounts and promos.  Members will have access to prices and deals that nobody else gets. Our Gold Club is just one more reason why you’ll love being a loyal customer at Joost Tobacco.

Curb-Side Pickup

While many businesses have gone back to pre-covid protocols, Joost Tobacco still offers the same easy and safe customer service that we always have.


  1. Place an order over the phone at one of our retail locations

  2. Drive up to your favorite Joost Tobacco store

  3. Give us a call and we’ll bring your order out to you

  4. You can pay for your order right there with any popular method

What People Are Saying About Joost

It seems like everyone who comes to Joost always comes back.  Our customer base is loyal to us because we’re loyal to them!  People come to Joost instead of their local stop because our teams are happy to help.

One customer writes, “I have several other Vape shops that are either closer or within the same distance, but I choose to go here.  The staff is friendly, upfront, knowledgeable, and willing to help out in any way they can”. 

Another customer, who gave a five-star review, loves that we let you taste our e-liquid flavors before you purchase them!  She adds, “Even though there are so many flavors, each flavor is meticulously crafted and perfected before they are released so each one is of excellent quality”.

And people love the lounge seating area found at our Fuller Ave location.  It helps complete the great vibes that Joost Tobacco has to offer.

Simply the Best Tobacco Store

With great products, great prices, and great service, Joost Tobacco is the best vape shop you’ll find.  Your local Joost Tobacco will be your favorite smoke-shop stop in western Michigan.

It’s important to have a vape retailer you can trust.  With our in-state-made e-liquids, you can be sure to enjoy your e-cigs to their full potential.  And be sure to ask our friendly staff if you have any questions at all.

Our teams are excited to help you get the most out of your tobacco experience.  And we’re experts when it comes to everything vapes and smoke.  Whether you’re looking for a pipe, a mod, e-liquids, or just spare parts, a Joost employee will help you find the perfect purchase.

If you’re purchasing one of our premium e-juice flavors, don’t hesitate to ask for a sample.  We know there are lots of delicious flavors to choose from, and we’d be happy to help you pick the right one for you.  We’ll even let you borrow a battery so you can taste our flavors with full power.

And don’t forget that, Joost Vapor is now becoming Joost Tobacco!  So next time you stop in our shop, ask about getting chew tobacco, cigarettes, or even a cigar.  We’d be happy to guide you through our new humidor cigar display case.

Place Your Order Now

All eleven of our locations are open 11 am-7 pm, Monday through Saturday.  And with curbside pickup, you can place your order right now.

Just head to our online menu to browse our selection of great-tasting e-liquids.  If you need help choosing a flavor, try our three most popular ones: Blue Venom, Midnight Berry, and Menthol.  Our menu also has a large selection of disposable vapes and mod fuels. 

Once you’ve browsed the menu, just give a call to your local Joost Tobacco!  A list of our store locations can be accessed by the “locations” button right above our menu, so you can pick the closest Joost to pick up your order form.

Don’t just take our word for it! Give place your order now, and let us know if Joost Tobacco really is the best tobacco shop in western Michigan.