Vaping for Beginners: What To Buy


Propylene glycol, one of the primary ingredients in a majority of e-liquids, can protect against certain respiratory illnesses. While this news is fantastic, it’s not the primary reason people are turning to vaping in an attempt to quit smoking. In fact, many are very skeptical of vaping in general.

Why do people have so many doubts around the activity, though? Well, vaping is a relatively new thing for many. As more research comes out, though, opinions are changing.

Picking out an e-cigarette, and other vaping equipment for that matter, can seem a bit overwhelming. If you’re interested in learning all about vaping for beginners, consider reading ahead.

Vaping for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to quit smoking, or you’re just interested in vaping in general, it’s important to learn all you can before getting started. Yes, there are simple e-cigarettes that are great for beginners. However, knowing the ins and outs of vaping can help you get the one that’s right for you.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to know whether you want e-liquids with nicotine. People looking to quit smoking should consider doing so, as it can help make it easier to stop using cigarettes. They should consult with their physician prior to getting into vaping, though. Non-smokers should avoid them entirely, though.


Batteries and Safety

Before jumping into the different pieces of vaping equipment you’ll need, it’s essential to understand how important it is to pick the right batteries. Vapes have a misplaced bad reputation thanks to explosions caused by faulty batteries. Make sure to buy batteries from a reliable seller and charge them properly.

Vaping Equipment

Here’s where things can get a bit tricking for beginners in the world of vaping. There are a plethora of e-cigarette models to choose from, and the parts that make up each one can change greatly. There are a few that they share in common, though. 

Vape Models

There are quite a few different types of vapes you can run into. They can vary in how you add liquid or refill them, the amount of liquid they can hold, coils they support, and batteries they use. Some don’t even have tanks and instead require disposable packs. Here are the models you can find:

  • Cigalikes
  • Vape pods
  • Vape mods
  • Vape pens
  • Disposables
  • Shisha kits

The most common examples, though, include the pods, mods, and pens. The first two usually have rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Pens are usually rechargeable, but eventually must be replaced. Vape mods tend to be the most popular among vaping enthusiasts, though.

Vape mods are composed of a box for the batteries and a slot for the atomizer at the top. Atomizers, in turn, can include a few different parts. They typically contain a slot for a coil and a tank to hold liquids. Some atomizers have a slot for the coil, but lack a tank entirely, requiring users to drip liquid onto the coils as they use the vape.


Once you’ve chosen a vape model that fits your needs, you’ll need some e-liquid. The number of vaping flavors to choose from is astounding. One vape shop in Michigan, specifically, sells in bulk and offers flavors like Apple, Melon, Mystery, Purp, Razz, Strawberry, and many more.

Categories include freebase nicotine, salt nicotine, disposable, and the common e-liquids for mods with tanks. Beginners should start with the common liquids or disposables before exploring alternatives.

Vaping Techniques

Now that you have your e-liquids and vape of choice, you’re ready to get started. Keep in mind that vaping is quite a different experience from smoking, and it can take some time to get used to. Beginners are often surprised that certain e-liquids can feel harsher than cigarette smoke.

There are three primary ways to inhale or “hit” vapor from a vape. These are direct-to-lung, mouth-to-lung, and puffing. The first two are the most common and typically provide the best hit from the nicotine in the liquid.

Remember, inhaling vapor works the same way inhaling cigarette smoke does, and you should never swallow. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at each one.


Inhaling vapor directly to your lungs works best with stronger kits, high wattage, and low levels of nicotine. While holding the activation button, inhale quickly for as long as comfortable. This typically feels smooth and soft, while producing large amounts of vapor.


The mouth-to-lung technique is the closest experience to smoking cigarettes. Low wattage and smaller devices are best for this. Inhaling should feel tight, and should enter the mouth without passing to the lungs. After a few moments, take in some air and let the vapor travel to the lungs.


Puffing is less of a technique and more of a preference for some fans in the vaping community. It imitates the act of smoking a cigar. After inhaling, you keep the vapor in your mouth without ever letting it pass to your lungs. You typically want a stronger flavor for this preference.

Vaping to Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation with the assistance of vape mods is a touchy and slightly uncertain topic. Both studies and testimonials have shown mixed results. However, there’s some credence to the idea that user error is more of a factor than the vape itself.

Either way, and as with almost any alternative to cigarettes, vaping can provide some assistance in quitting. If you’re considering ditching cigarettes for good, make sure to consult with your physician first.

The “Sheridan” Technique

If you’re looking for a strategy that might help, consider the “Sheridan” technique. The “Sheridan” technique is a lesser-known approach that’s gaining traction in the community. It’s simple and, most importantly, easy to execute.

First, schedule a day that you want to attempt to quit smoking. Then, make sure you have your mod ready with an e-liquid that contains the recommended amount of nicotine based on how many cigarettes you smoke daily.

When your scheduled day arrives, smoke one cigarette in the morning. Then, wait as long as possible before you would smoke the next one. Once you can’t wait any longer, take a few puffs from your vape. You should feel the same satisfaction you’d get from a cigarette!

Vaping Can Be Great

Some consider vaping to be a fad, while others see it as a valuable and valid way to quit smoking. Either way, there’s definitely something to be said about the enjoyment they can bring to responsible adults.

The first step to vaping for beginners involves getting all the equipment you’ll need ready. There’s a lot involved, but some stores offer vaping kits for an easy start. Best of all, many are quite affordable; it doesn’t have to be a risky investment.

Hopefully, this article provided you with some useful information about getting started in the world of vaping. If it did, consider taking a look at some of the other posts on the site!